4 Strategies To Increase Customer Retention In Online Laundry Business

Posted by Monis Khan on Jul 2, 2019 4:09:53 PM

For every business development having a strong customer base is essential, and this means one needs to have a prolific customer engagement. Since traditional marketing methods are now becoming less relevant, and the effectiveness of any business is dependent on customer engagement, using new techniques and technologies is vital. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business owners like any other business, need to retain their customers and increase their loyalty because customer engagement is the new currency. The online service charges the customers as per a package subscription that suits their needs. These packages may be varied depending on the type of services needed by the clients. Generally, the online accounting services companies target SMBs, and they target specifically for one function such as Online CA, Online CS, or Online Company Registration. For a new firm that registers using an online accounting services company is likely to see up-sell and cross-sell promotions of other services.

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About Datoin

Datoin is an enterprise automation platform which helps enterprises to automate their processes by leveraging enterprise's data, artificial intelligence, and component-based engineering. Although Datoin can be a generic platform for building any automation application, our focus is on artificial-intelligence driven business process automation. Currently, we are solving some of the automation problems in Customer Experience Management, CRM and Geo Analytics, etc.

Advantages of the platform:

  • Reduced software development cost(Because of building block re-use)
  • Faster application creation(Can create an application just by using GUI) 
  • Off-the-shelf blocks for data integrations and intelligence
  • Flexible deployment mode(Managed Cloud, On-Premise, Stand-alone app, Distributed App)


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