Automated AI Experiments: A Key to Success in ECommerce

Posted by Monis Khan on Sep 19, 2019 1:37:10 PM

Automated AI is the holy grail for everyone who doesn’t know a thing about AI and machine learning. Take a closer look at the history of washing machines. The simple items such as washing clothes have been through more than a century of evolution. Washing clothes at once would be the longest endeavor of the everyday. With its automation, the human has availed itself liberty to do more innovative things. AI in ECommerceis going through a similar journey, albeit much faster than washing machines.

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3 Steps to Get Started with Data Science in ECommerce

Posted by Monis Khan on Aug 14, 2019 2:00:00 PM

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Tags: dynamic pricing, what is data science, best data science, ai for ecommerce, churn rate prediction, ecommerce personalization, marketing data science, demand forecasting techniques, machine learning datasets, churn model, recommendation engine, ecommerce growth

About Datoin

Datoin is an enterprise automation platform which helps enterprises to automate their processes by leveraging enterprise's data, artificial intelligence, and component-based engineering. Although Datoin can be a generic platform for building any automation application, our focus is on artificial-intelligence driven business process automation. Currently, we are solving some of the automation problems in Customer Experience Management, CRM and Geo Analytics, etc.

Advantages of the platform:

  • Reduced software development cost(Because of building block re-use)
  • Faster application creation(Can create an application just by using GUI) 
  • Off-the-shelf blocks for data integrations and intelligence
  • Flexible deployment mode(Managed Cloud, On-Premise, Stand-alone app, Distributed App)


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